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Regardless of whether you are starting a business, or looking forward to your  retirement, it is smart to make sure your business is properly formed and maintained.  

At Saint George Estate Law, we understand Business Law and appreciate the fact that small businesses drive our local and national economies. We also understand that small business owners, continually face countless legal issues when faced with starting, building, running, and selling their businesses.

There are several types of businesses.  These include a Partnership, a Sole Proprietorship, a C-Corp, an S-Corp, and an LLC.  Each business type has different rules regarding personal and tax liability, and applicable governing regulations.  While the typical business entity formed here in Utah is that of an LLC, Saint George Estate Law can help you form whatever business entity you are looking to have formed. 


At your initial consultation at Saint George Estate Law, we ask you questions to find out who you are, what needs you have, and in what direction you want your company to go. This helps us help you decide on which business entity will fit with your plan.  Once you have selected the proper form for your new entity, we will research, and help assist you with negotiating agreements, drafting, and finalizing the necessary documents to form and maintain your new business.  We will guide you throughout this process and help you understand regulations that pertain to your business.  





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